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Never have I ever.... owned a diesel

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    Originally posted by JohnBoy View Post
    Winner. Bloke - just buy it.

    /Close thread.


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      Originally posted by bloke View Post
      Are the Frenchies a bag of crap? When it's a standard, functional, dumba$s 4 cyl diesel workhorse I see no point whatsoever in paying premium brand prices. No point sitting in first class and ordering egg 'n chips.
      Good luck with the search man and fair play for going the estate route as opposed to suv-type thing (if you like SUVs, good on you but honestly, I resent seeing them everywhere- they are not all things to all men as they are perceived to be).

      As quoted above, I would suggest that you don't worry too much about outdated stereotypes of a car's origin. I think that French cars have an undeserved reputation for failing as German cars have an undeserved reputation for reliability.

      Any time I research a potential purchase for a family member, I have to get details down to the exact year/spec.

      E. G. I bought a Focus 2 years ago and as far as modern cars go, it's achilles heels are not the worst so I would recommend one... but post-2015 got better spec... and I'd avoid a powershift auto like the plague... and if you go 1.0 petrol you should get service history because they're sensitive to this... You get the idea.

      If someone asks me is 'x' country/brand/model any good, I'd have to say 'send me an ad and I' ll look into that exact model/spec'.

      Also, take any modern car apart... they are all very much an international affair these days (these days goes back to the millennium by now).

      6 paragraphs and a quote, yet I haven't given a straight answer or any tangible advice... my move into politics is almost certain.
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        I’d plenty of diesel company cars until I saw the light and started buying my own cars. Since buying my own cars I’ve had a few 3.0 six diesels which are very impressive but ultimately just a faster smoother dull car. As for the 2.0 stuff a Superb is very hard to beat., they are massive, comfortable and not a bad place to sit. Just make sure whatever you get is an auto, any four cylinder diesel manual is a just horrific thing.


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            There are some quare Jap imports about alright. I just wonder if it started giving grief could you find yourself like a Star Trekker, scouring the planet for lithium crystals...

            For petrol estates or mpvs then it looks like 1.4 VW Tourans or (whisper it...) Qashqais is where we're at is it?


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              Chr!$t, I'd avoid all versions of the 1.4 VAG lump, but that's just me personally. I hate sh1tters/appliances which have the potential to cause me grief. If you end up looking at Tourans stick to the 2.0 TDI (or if older the 1.9 TDI). Which leaves you back where you started. 🙄


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                I changed from company car to my own machine a while ago. I wanted something economical, safe, durable and automatic.
                Mercedes E-class is what I ended up with. About 45mpg and I never get out of the car tired. It's a nice place to wile away the kilometers.


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                  You're mad Ted to be considering getting into one of these just as they start to throw out mega bills, leaving aside the many, many other reasons.
                  Aren't you frequently lamenting the filthy air on the Quays for cyclists...

                  Anyway you shouldn't need Deltona or others to point you to one of the very few loopholes in the system, that you know bloody well already!

                  Yes they're ugly as sin, but sooooo well built , feel like they're hewn from granite, safe as houses & 3.5L petrol and nearly 300 ponies for €380 tax
                  15 farkin year warranty on the hybrid system , wonder how that compares to the newer ones?


                  Way more for sale than the last time I looked so has to be wiggle room, if it was me I might try stretch closer to €20k for the facelift and more years with warranty.


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                    I have an A6 estate with the 3.0tdi and quattro and it’s a pretty good combination to be honest.

                    The engine is smooth and quiet and works really well with the autobox.

                    They’re not all bad but a Diesel engine needs an autobox - manuals are crap.


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                      brilliant tank. I have one....and don't forget it's just a posh Toyota!


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                        Originally posted by 8~) View Post
                        So the purchase criteria is: estate, standard, functional, dumba$s 4 cyl diesel workhorse.

                        I'd likely go for a Mondeo.
                        Peugeots I have driven (with the 1.6 motor) I have found underpowered.

                        How about go full on mid-life family man and raise the stakes - to an MPV.
                        There is something appealing about all that space for carting around people and stuff.
                        Surely the answer is a 508 2.0hdi. Mondeo has the same engine as 508 in both 1.6 and 2.0 varieties.


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                          We had a couple of BMW 330d estates and they were fantastic. With the sea of torque they’re faster than the e46 m3 I had at the time too.

                          You’d need to factor in getting the chain done at some stage but let’s be honest they should be considered a service item on a modem BMW and don’t cost too much if changed before they go.


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                            bloke have you looked up caddy life's or that type of thing ? Basically the mpv version of a van. Can double up as a bit of a day camper too


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                              Lexus can also do van life, seats fold flat with 2 pulls & that’s 2 headboards, collection of underlay, various chainsaw & bits 65B77E75-432B-4F1D-80A5-EFE2C2F20733.jpeg65B77E75-432B-4F1D-80A5-EFE2C2F20733.jpeg , scrap timber etc etc


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                                😅 Commendable!


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