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The Road to Le Mans

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  • The Road to Le Mans

    Is there a thread here somewhere already about Fassbender's Road to Le Mans series on YouTube? It's great tv.

    I binge watched up as far as the current series & it's fantastic how they chart the progress from novice onwards. And no YouTube ads either, cos it is the ad

    But I got over that eventually. It really is very well done

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    I started watching the first season back when it was first released a couple years ago. I enjoyed it, but never got around to finishing it at the time. I have been subscribed since and have been hoping to watch it all again soon when I get a chance. Fassbender is a proper petrol head!


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      I've followed him as he's progressed, both through the series and then a keen interest watching the races live.
      Seems like a really nice guy but the pressure really got to him at the big race.
      Just goes to show the difference between the Pro drivers and the Am.

      More please.


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        Alot of it is made for tv of course and he is an actor after all! That said the pressure he's under is very real, it's far from a trackday jaunt come race day


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          Got through most of it but lost where i was and never got back, my missus was enjoying watching it too but i think it was more when he'd the race suit off Will get back to it now that i've been given the reminder. Looks like a lot of money to go racing with those cars. IIRC he didn't finish last in Le Mans though....


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            Watched it all too, what I took most from it was Richard Lietz was the real hero of the piece.

            Oh, and BendFaster's mechanics.....

            Why did Dempsey Proton drop Felipe Laser from the team?

            E39 M5, Mk2 GTI, Mk1 GTI, E30, Caddy vanyadda yadda

            Stupid questions are better than stupid mistakes.


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