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    Some of a certain vintage might remember these. Not an accessory per se, but a permanent fixture in my dad’s car back then


    Originally posted by Aontroim View Post
    When was the last time you put a CD into your car stereo?

    I remember turning my nose up at aftermarket stereos for an 'o2 car I had circa 2019 on the basis that they had no CD player.

    I' ve owned my current daily (2014 car with CD player) for nearly two years and have NEVER put a CD in it. For all I know, the previous owner's NOW104. 7 CD could still be in there!
    Unfortunately I no longer have my tape collection from the 80s, probably the last one (Depeche Mode) being sacrificed at the altar of a truculent Nakamichi headunit a good few years ago

    However, I do still have most of my CDs from the 90s and beyond, which is just as well given my year 2000 RS4 has no external inputs. Single CD, single tape deck, changer in the boot. That suits me fine though as the Bose is decent enough in it, and it’s a good excuse not get rid of them all


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      Originally posted by Zoom View Post

      The Feu Orange air freshner with the pin was a staple smell. Interesting if a weapon such as that pin would be allowed today.

      I've got one sat in new in its packaging somewhere - Whether there's any liquid in it after 15 years in a drawer is another question...

      Garfield plush toys that stuck to rear windows with suckers was a thing in the UK in the 80's / 90's


      As was the Moonies Man common the 80's - You stuck him on your tailgate glass and flashed his behind at tailgaters by squeezing the rubber bladder.


      Everyone's so much more short-tempered these days, doing so in 2023 would probably result in a beating from a tailgating no-neck, mouth-breather.


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        Laserline car alarms. They used to sell them in Argos and I saw loads of cars with them installed by simply hooking up 2 wires to get the flashy red light working but the alarm wasn't tapped into anything else.

        CD changers is another one. My Beemer still has a Blaupunkt mounted in the boot from way-back-when.

        Or maybe those perforated leatherette steerings wraps. I haven't seen one of those for a long time.


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          Originally posted by Deadly Dave View Post
          Anti theft things that hooked onto the steering wheel and the brake pedal . My little Mini came with one

          The 90's equivalent was a t-lock that clamped to the top of the steering wheel with a yellow plastic coated metal arm, that locked across the dashboard.

          They had a cross shaped key, which meant they could be opened with a Phillips head screwdriver.


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            I worked for Team PR Reilly the Irish owned car parts and accessories importer in the 90s. It was a weekend and summer job in their warehouse. They imported 90% of the stuff mentioned in this thread.

            Everything from Feu Orange, Cibie spotlights, speakers to Momo wheels(which sold in miniscule quantities).

            Their bread and butter was spurious body panels and consumables. The accessories market was tiny compared to the UK at the time. Although they did a roaring trade in gaudy seat covers and cheap plastic hub caps.

            Simpler, pre Internet times. Your choice was very reliant on what your local motor factor would stock. Or what you could mail order from the back of the UK car mags.


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              Fake fingers stuck in the boot


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                Originally posted by Username View Post
                CD changers is another one. My Beemer still has a Blaupunkt mounted in the boot from way-back-when.
                Good point! The market for Bluetooth adapters pretty much relies on the fact that you don't use your CD changer or that your car was never spec'd with one so they can 'trick' your head unit.


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                  Fido Dido on the window.


                  This lad:



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                    We're proximity sensors mentioned already?


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                      Smyths alloy wheels. Cheap as chips but such poor quality they could barely be balanced


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                        Do you remember the aerofoil fins for windscreen wipers? If you wanted to hot up you car, then you needs a set of these!

                        We all stood around in a circle naked, thrusting our clinched fists in the air screaming "Jap Power!!"


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                          Originally posted by Cold View Post

                          I like that, it's clever. I don't recall seeing those kinds of stickers or thinking about it but looks classy by non-classy standards.
                          They were everywhere when I was a nipper. Remember loving them and desperately wanting my dad to get one for his car. Motorama in Bolton Street used to sell them - many a Saturday afternoon spent trying to find a 316 one !


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                            Can you still buy a wunderbaum?
                            Been ages since I saw one.
                            "This is a non-contact sport but then so is ice hockey" - Roberto Giordanelli on Irish FIAT Punto racing but applies to all Irish racing..
                            "Tailgaters have small dicks" - Me


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                              Back in my day, center consoles were big business and then getting the car radio.

                              My first few cars had only 1 door mirror, singe speed wiper, no reversing lights and no radio!

                              Dirty magnetic seat belts that were always on the floor. No inertia reels back then.

                              Jesus, I really am an old fart. . . . . . . 🤔
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                                Originally posted by hi-rev View Post
                                Can you still buy a wunderbaum?
                                Been ages since I saw one.
                                I saw them for sale somewhere recently, so yep they're still on the market.


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