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  • Hyundai Ioniq 5 Executive 58

    So I mentioned in my Golf R thread that we had recently changed our family car to the Ioniq 5 and it drew some interest from some of you so I decided after almost 4k kms I'd put some words together to assimilate my thoughts.

    Firstly, I'm no ICE basher, or EV evangelist for that matter but with everything going on in the world I decided last year that it would be a good time to look into the EV world and what it has to offer. I'd never driven one or even been in one up to November last year.

    We had a Seat Ateca FR TSi which was a lovely car and suited our needs pretty well, it was averaging around the 40mpg mark which wasn't bad. My wife has a 100km round trip commute so it would be a tank of fuel a week when she was full time in the office, totally manageable when we bought the car in July 2020, a tank was the guts of €60. We also travel up to Mayo quiet frequently and I do a round trip to west Clare every fornight to collect my eldest son so plenty of weekend driving goes on.

    When we sat down in December and added up what we were spending on fuel, and I properly looked into the potential savings on running an EV, it was starting to make more and more sense.

    So what to buy, as this was OHs third SEAT car naturally we enquired and the only offering from them was the Cupra Born which is due to be released pretty soon. Basically a VW ID3 with a different body kit. We discounted it as it was too small. Interestingly the dealer did tell us there is a bigger car due based on the ID4 but VW aren't allowing SEAT to release it until 2025!

    Next up Skoda Enyaq. Had a look and a test drive of one before Christmas, with the smaller battery of 58kw it was in our price range of around €40k (base) but due to shortages were told the earliest to expect one was Q3 this year. Enquired with VW about and ID4 and were told the same, and realistically the ID4 were out of our price range.

    Then in December a car started to catch my eye, the new Ioniq 5 from Hyundai. An old mate of mine works in Fitzpatricks in Kildare retailing these and he had some very informative videos up showing the spec, ranges etc. I decided to take one in my local dealership for a test drive and instantly liked it. It has a 5 year 160k kms warranty and an 8 year unlimited mileage battery warranty.

    So to fast forward on a bit, we were offered a decent but not great trade in value for our Ateca so I put the feelers out with a few traders and managed to get €2k more on a cash sale and managed to get 81% of our original purchase price back on the Ateca which was decent enough and left us with a 20% deposit to put down on the new car. My buddy Brian managed to secure a car in the country and he held it for me until we could finalise the deal.

    Ateca went on the 18th of January, had the charge point installed on the 22nd and the new car arrived on January 25th.

    So more on the Ioniq 5. It's an all new EV platform that will underpin a many more models for Hyundai / Kia for the next few years and is the same chassis as the new EV6 from Kia.

    There are two battery packs available, a 58kw with an official range of 384kms or a 73 kw with a range of up to 480 I think.

    As 99% of our trips are just over 200kms we decided that the 58kw is plenty for us and it's €5k cheaper.

    The trim levels are as follows:
    Executive Plus
    Plemium Plus
    Premium Plus AWD

    Both of those are available with the choice of batteries but the premium plus has the larger battery only.

    Our car is the base executive (but standard spec is excellent, look up Hyundai.ie for the full speclist) and it cost €40k after dealer delivery and metallic paint. Shop around as we were quoted €2k more in Munster dealerships than what we paid in Kildare. Finance options, PCP and HP are available but they are both the same rate of 5.9% so we decided to choose HP this time, rate seems high but VAG are 4.9% across the board now and no sign of that coming down any time soon especially with the shortages.

    The car itself is deceptively big and has huge space inside. It's got a 3m wheelbase which is the same as a RR sport. It swallows up a buggy and whatever else baby or toddler stuff you need with ease.
    It's so easy and relaxing to drive, and it's quite brisk too when you want to push on, it's 170bhp.

    The big question everyone asks about these is range and we seem to be averaging 21kwh / 100km since new, a real winter range of 250-300. I've took it to 260kms with 9% remaining and 21kms left on the range indicator. In warmer weather I think 300kms is doable. Also we are just starting to use the regen braking on rural roads and in the city and it takes a bit of getting used to but once you do it's great and definitely increases range.

    It has full autonomous driving on the motorway, Hyundai drive call it highway drive assist and it's brilliant. It also has the fastest charging capabilities you can get these days, on a super fast charger you can go from 10-80% in 18 mins. A 50kw charger will get you about 120kms of range in a half hour.

    Fuel savings wise, it's cost us about €100 to cover 4k kms, €70 of home charging and €30 public, which we barely use. A home charger is essential if you decide to go for an EV. In the last car we'd be on tank 7 now at 90-100 a fill at latest prices. I've managed to lock in a night rate with electric Ireland of 9.5c per kWh so our charging costs will come down more too as we were on a 19c per kWh 24 hour rate.

    We are delighted with the purchase overall. Both of us are back in the office 2 days a week shortly so can rotate the car between us. It's worked out well. Any questions fire away and I'll try answer.

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    Well wear, pretty much a perfect daily.


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      Well wear, saw one of these yesterday for the first time on the road and thought it looks great, nice size too 👍


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        I test drove one of these last week. I was impressed and think they are great value for money in the segment.

        Herself is talking about changing the ML and if we do it will be for an EV. Mind you in the current situation we may keep it and run it on vegetable oil.

        It's very spacious inside in terms of driver and passenger space. The drawer glovebox is genius and huge. I'm biased but I was a bit disappointed with the boot space as everyone says they are big but it would be significantly smaller than the ML.

        I test drove from Fitzpatricks also and the lads are sound. It drives well, handles speed bumps etc very nicely and is quiet. Overall a very pleasant and stress free drive.

        Best of luck with it. It's a lot of car for the money compared to the VAG group offerings.
        Older but no wiser.


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          Sounds a serious amount of car for the money compared to the rest of the market segment.

          Well wear with it hooch!


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            Good write up Hooch!


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              Looks lovely. I've been trying to ignore ev's as long as possible, partly cause they are all pretty ugly. But this is very nice looking.

              Did you create an excel sheet to look at the savings or how did you calculate or projectproy possible future savings?

              I've never done this for any car I own, but with the current climate im going to have to look a lot closer.


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                I really like the design of these. We were in the same position as you and last year started looking at EV's. It came down to one of these and an Enyaq. To be honest if it had been down to me, I would have went with the Ioniq 5. But I couldn't sell the design to the wife and the with 3 kids under 6 the Enyaq just offered a bit more space. Well wear.

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                  Nice write up Hooch. Decided to buy one of these too yesterday. I've been without a car since the Clubsport went and was going to buy a diesel but it was probably a blessing in disguise that I couldn't find I liked with the way fuel has gone.


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                    Originally posted by Saints View Post
                    Nice write up Hooch. Decided to buy one of these too yesterday. I've been without a car since the Clubsport went and was going to buy a diesel but it was probably a blessing in disguise that I couldn't find I liked with the way fuel has gone.
                    Very good Henry. What spec/colour did you go for? Obviously will be a very different car to the CS but I think you will like it.

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                      The timing of this purchase couldn't have been better


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                        The Straight Pipes have a review of the Ioniq 5 on youtube, it definitely seems like a bit of craic to drive. If I was in the market for an electric car, it would be my pick of the current bunch.


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                          Originally posted by Cold View Post
                          The timing of this purchase couldn't have been better
                          I think you've been ahead of us all for the last few years but yes it was timed well! I can't imagine getting the same price for our Ateca even now only 6 weeks later.

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                            Originally posted by notGill View Post
                            The Straight Pipes have a review of the Ioniq 5 on youtube, it definitely seems like a bit of craic to drive. If I was in the market for an electric car, it would be my pick of the current bunch.
                            It's definitely a decent car to drive, the back end is playful too if you provoke it enough

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                              Brilliant - I'm very much on board with these. All the car you ever need?
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