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The 4G63T love affair continues.....

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  • The 4G63T love affair continues.....

    1989 6G Galant VR4. AWD with 4WS and all the extras....

    Currently sat in a dock in Japan. Should be here early February all going well.

    Took a while to find as these are very scarce on the ground in Japan, couple of months before the right spec appeared. Having never been through the bidding and import process it was something I always wanted to experience. Patrick over at JDM Auction watch helped me no end. Its sitting on 160k K'ms, unmodified and one owner car from new. The unmodified and one owner car caught my eye and softened the 99'000Mileage figure. I paid a lot less than it was expected to fetch, so whether I caught an auction on a good day or not only time will tell.

    Plan is to lightly restore/clean it and put it into the empty slot in the garage the E28 left behind. Use it as the soft version of the 4G63 v the harder Evo 4g63.

    The three spoke wheels are growing on me, although i have two OEM Evo Sparco wheels here to go on should I not like them in real life.

    Should make a nice piece of Mitsubishi and rallying history with these two sat side by side.

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    That looks class Miller.. fair play. You're certainly keeping things interesting in that garage of yours.


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      Holy jaysus that is cool.

      And those 3 spokes! Amazing
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        Looks great Miller, well wear


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          Looks great
          I’m standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused?? 🤨🤪


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            Aw class!!! I was really hoping it was one of these you were after when I saw the comments in the import thread. Well wear miller


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                Looks like a good catch you got there. One thing that surprises me is how the Japanese brands use the Western alphabet for the outside badges on JDM models instead of their own.


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                  One of my all time faves, amg had something to do with them right?
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                    That looks great, well done getting it.

                    Definitely looks like it was very well cared for and doesn't show a hint of having covered 160k kms.

                    Be a nice way to start the year for you next year when that lands


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                      THREE SPOKES!

                      That’s awesome!


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                        very nice and i believe a shrewd investment,these will go up in value significantly,especially now most of the 4wd rally cars are coming into a histiric class off their own,you still see these regularly on the road here in new zealand although not that tidy a customer of ours had a pretty close ex works replica he totalled and then moved onto evo's must see if he still has it.


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                          Cheers lads, can't wait to get stuck in fettling with it.

                          The Three spokes are really starting to grow on me. So much so they may be left on! For love not money though can I find what brand they are!?!?

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                            Awesome! I see one of these quote often around where I am and it's beautiful. It really stands out in a crowd. Nice purchase!

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                              Brilliant buy! Class machine
                              Older but no wiser.


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