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    The wee Ford is still here and not much going on with it. It's been reliable and serves all the daily/school run type work well, although something bigger more comfy would be nice for that.

    Then when you want to chuck it about a bit it still wants to play. Service and new rear discs and pads on this week, and new discs and pads going on next week. Ordered some Ferodo ds2500 for the front, which is probably a stupid idea considering majority of the time they will be cold but wanted to give them a spin.

    Gave it a scrub this afternoon too.


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      Took a trip to rally school ireland for a couple of hours where David sat on with me and we did a few laps. Fantastic experience for me, and learned a lot. Defo be back at some stage. My brakes were passed their best anyway, but didn't realise I was almost touching cloth .

      New pads and discs up front now and all is well again.

      I also need to replace my rear shocks as spotted a leak on one side. Looks like it's only Ford that do them. Bilstein do a B6 but not a b4 and I think the b6 will be too stiff for the normal back road stuff.


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        You did a few laps using your own car at Rally School Ireland?
        Didn't know that is an option.

        Been up there once, with a few like minded people, for a day in the Escorts MkII. Some entertainment.


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          Yeah that was it, I'm not sure if it actually is an option but I convinced him a totally shite driver and this is in the interest of Irish road users.


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            Fiesta is still here and well. I bought it with good intentions of getting it out on track and over two years later that has yet to happen. Must pull the finger out and get a trackdays date booked.
            Dropped it over with another member of the forum this week who is handy with a Brillo pad and it's like new again now, and also booked in for another service next week. Ford reckon it just needs oil and an air filter.

            I had the car up on DoneDeal there for a few weeks but not a single viewing....so I'll keep on trucking as I still really like the car.

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              Health to enjoy bud! Looking forward to see what else you do to it🤓


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