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    Odd little problem to report : parked up at home and went to restart in the morning, and I got a lot of cranking but no ignition. Fuel was low a d there was some internet lore about pumps not priming properly. I took a pint and walked up to the local garage for 2x4.5 litres and chucked it in - it started first turn after that. Turns out the level gauge might be a bit iffy, and "reserve fuel" needs to be respected. Annoying as it comes on just below 1/4 full, with several bars showing on the fuel gauge. See note above about the fuel gauge potentially being iffy (!).

    I also got a 1500 mile holiday trip in recently to Cornwall. It's a hilly part of the world, so I spent a lot of time in 3rd gear, monstering up one hill and engine braking down the other side. 2nd gear is very effective too but is a bit antisocial generally and particularly for passengers. Traction was surprisingly good there was the odd wheel hop on steep/bumpy sections as you'd expect but otherwise there was no drama - I really need to get this out on a track to get a proper feel for how it behaves.

    Obligatory mpg update : 21 mpg for the Cornwall trip with a roofbox, about half of that on the motorway, so not too bad. And 99 octane is tricky to find in Cornwall as it happens.


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      Not sure how I missed this thread, are you living in UK? Is it manual, a lot of the pics aren’t showing with the changeover to the new BR format.
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        The W211 E55 only came with a 5 speed auto box.


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          Yep, I've been in the UK for a few years now ... tax on this is around £300 for the year lol. I don't think you're missing too many pics as I've not bothered putting many up.

          These were automatic only as far as I know, and Mercs of that era had a foot operated handbrake (to the left of the clutch pedal) which would make a manual a 4-pedal motor ... It put me off a c class years ago when going for the clutch I ended up jamming on the "handbrake". And it's a handle near the ignition key to release it again, not ideal at all, but it's not an issue in an automatic.


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            Finally got a few pics up, very nondescript as you can see, I thought about a debadge of the V8 kompressor from the front wings to go more sleeper with it, but the little reminder of what's in there has grown on me.

            I changed the wheels to the 5 spoke AMGs, but there is some serious brake dust coming off the front pads, the pictures don't really capture it. Washing wheels is even lower down my priority list than washing the car, so they might have to become my usual "black front wheels" badge of honour.

            Slight catching under braking which reminds me of warped discs which I'll keep an eye on. I've not had warped discs for many years and never with new discs installed, so I'll see how it progresses.
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