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My 2013 BMW M135i

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  • My 2013 BMW M135i

    The IntroThe Spec
    F20 (1 Series)
    5 doors
    Engine N55
    Displacement 3
    Power 235kw / 320hp
    ZF 8speed Automatic
    Alpine white paint High Gloss Shadow Line
    Red Dakota leather interior
    Headlining Anthracite
    M Leather Steering Wheel
    M Aerodynamics Package
    Sport Automatic Gearbox
    Multifunction F Steering Wheel
    Variable Sport Steering
    M Sport Brake
    Adaptive M Chassis

    The DrivePictures in the next post

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    Few pictures

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      Lovely car. Took a notion for these last night myself. By the way, the box is a torque converter not a single clutch.

      An LCI steering wheel would look well in there.


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        Youre dead right, in my ignorance I meant its not dual clutch but neglected to realise it was a TC. And thanks for now making me start pricing up the LCI now


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          Very nice and a bit different from the Golf R!

          I’m increasingly of the view that the good stuff in the BMW range is 1/2/3/4 series and the smaller the better.
          I'm with the resistance


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            Lovely, I love the red leather too.


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              Originally posted by daves86 View Post
              Youre dead right, in my ignorance I meant its not dual clutch but neglected to realise it was a TC. And thanks for now making me start pricing up the LCI now
              I think the LCI steering wheel makes the interior look 10 years newer. A must have in any F series IMO.


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                  Originally posted by Jordanfaf View Post
                  Looks the nuts. They are an absolute joy to drive. And yes LCI wheel is a must! I’m absolutely loving my M235, looking at getting a diff and a map soon me thinks, put some M2s to shame [emoji23]

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                  Thanks man, must meet up and compare them, i imagine its pretty similar in stock form.


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                    Very cool and a lovely colour combo. Safe driving


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                      Originally posted by daves86 View Post
                      Thanks man, must meet up and compare them, i imagine its pretty similar in stock form.
                      Best place to meet up would be at the next track day in Mondello where you could give their lungs a good airing [emoji12]

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                        So small update on the car. I have previously fitted carbon fiber antenna cover and rear spoiler, but since then I have fitted the M style mirror caps which I think suit the car well over the silver fitted as standard.

                        I have received a carbon fiber rear diffuser panel but the fitment does not look ideal, however due to some severe delays in shipping I ended up with an 80% refund so it was good value at least.

                        I have some gloss black kidney grilles on the way out to me to de-chrome the front, and the beauty of all of these parts is they are a straight swap back to standard for next owners personal taste.3.jpg



                        And after that i gave her a quick wash and got all the tree sap, bird dirt and grime off. Turns out she was white under all of that.

                        So now I have some decisions to make. I rarely stay with the same car for more than 6 months and I've had her for almost a year now. I am getting itchy feet staying with the same car. I really want to mod the car i.e. intake exhaust map, but she still has a years warranty left with Joe Duffy and I'd probably be mad to void that.

                        I had posted about a second car but having called insurance companies that is seemingly a non runner, just going to be cost prohibitive considering the ongoing costs of running two cars.

                        So I need to make a call, sell up and get something new, go ahead and mod the car, or just enjoy her for the next year then do what I like.

                        Decisions decisions......


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                          I might be interested if you are selling.


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                            If you are unsure of how long more you will have the car, then hold off putting money into it in mods. Where it may be fun it could be a short term thing. Keep driving it for now and take time to think will it be a keeper or not. If so then mod away


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                              So after a lot of thought I've decided to keep her for another year, just couldn't think of putting up with a 6 month old baby and a 2 door car and nothing else ticked all the boxes like this does.

                              So I've started looking at a few personal touches let's say. I have a zaero Evo 1 diffuser winging it's way over currently and just got the car back from my friends at exhaustworx who fit a custom fabricated backbox with slash cut burnt titanium tips.

                              I had been thinking of getting an off the shelf system and at one point had a Remus system in the basket but (in my humble opinion) they sound basically the same as stock, with a slight tone change and it just doesn't justify the spend for the result.

                              Well this one certainly justifies the result, this is the 5th car I've had with the guys in icetronix and they always deliver, the work is spot on and the soundtrack is intoxicating, in comfort mode it's a lovely deep burble with some ever so slight pops when you lift off but in sports with a hot exhaust and a heavy foot it's an animal, it's perfect for my inner yobo ��

                              Anyway here's some pics, and I'll throw up more when the diffuser arrives.

                              WhatsApp Image 2020-09-25 at 11.19.53 (2).jpg