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2003 E39 540i/A Sport

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  • 2003 E39 540i/A Sport

    Have been wanting for a bit more power from my 525i and considered Supercharging it but this 540i Auto came up for a good price up North. Topaz Blue with Cream Interior, 132k Miles. Very little rust too with a tiny bit on the driver sill where it meets the wing and on the rear drivers wheel arch. It has a great spec on it too being English:

    Auto Lights
    Auto Wipers
    Headlight Washing/Intensive Wash
    Tilt/Slide Sunroof
    High OBC Cluster
    Electric Steering Column
    Heated Electric Sport Seats with Memory
    (Working!) Park Distance Control Front and Rear
    High Gloss Shadowline
    Factory Parallel Wheels which I'll either refurb or sell
    M5 Mirrors seem to have been retrofitted but work perfect, including fold.

    The 4.4 pulls like a train and the gearbox is nice and smooth, these have received a Software Update too. Stack of service history with it too including Suspension and Cooling overhauls. I have a few bits to do to it:

    Fix Passenger Window, motor works but window doesn't, must be off the slider
    Fix cracked coil spring, have replacements already.
    Change over my Style 32's to it.
    Swap my Eonon into it.
    Replace the gammy fogs too!
    Needs a serious detail so will be giving it a paint correction of course.

    How I got it:

    After swapping over my Style 32's, OEM Angel Eye Bulbs and coding on US sidemarkers:

    I've also already picked up a new Timing Chain tensioner for it and even though the front brakes were changed before I got it they're squealing mad so I'm going to change out the pads for Bosch ones I ordered months ago by mistake for my 525.

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    Stunning motor. Well wear.


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      Now that is a proper car. Very nice.


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        stunning car...... Well wear....


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          I had an E34 540 auto a while back, it was a brilliant car to drive especially when picking up from a standing start.
          I thought i would get into an E39 540 at some stage but didnt get there.
          Good luck with it Norman its a fine looking unique car.


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            Cheers lads, I'm over the moon with it! Just want to get it cleared, NCT'd and Taxed, hate driving around on a foreign reg

            Replaced my Timing Chain Tensioner and Front Brake Pads this evening. Tensioner wasn't too bad to be fair but said I'd do it as there was no history of it being done and I changed the pads because even though they were new, they were squealing mad even with copious amounts of grease, some cheap shite was on the front. New Bosch ones in now that I had lying around after ordering them by mistake ages ago!

            The tensioner was an easy change, remove the Airbox/CAI and MAF and then underneath the driver side rocker you'll see a 19mm bolt protruding from the head, this is the tensioner, one crack and it'll twist out easy. Screw new one in and tighten and replace the Airbox/CAI.




            Back together:

            Plenty of meat still left on these rubbish yokes.

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              What a car! Love it.

              Looks so much better on the Style 32s.


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                  Cheers lads!

                  Put the amber fronts on it this evening and also have an oil change kit on it's way to me, 8L Petronas 5W-40, Mann Oil and Pollen Filters too.


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                    Changed the oil, filter and pollen filters in the 540i today, not sure when it was done last other than the books recorded mileage so it was done just in case! Transmission oil and filter next!

                    Still waiting on the DVLA to send me out an Export Form


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                      All plated now thankfully Tax, NCT and some BC/HSD/Bilstein coils are on the cards as the shocks aren't great.


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                        What a car

                        You're never late with a Vee Eight
                        1998 Porsche 911 3.4 Carrera 2 (996)
                        2000 Mazda MX-5 1.8 Jasper Conran #68/400
                        2003 BMW 325i E46 Sport Touring


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                          Made a new purchase for the 540's tired shocks and springs ahead of its NCT, whenever I can book that.


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                            An expensive day but it's like Christmas and the NCT was very forgiving


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                              Dat sweet sweet new airbag feels, now with less shards of metal hopefully :pac:

                              NCT retest in the morning so hopefully a full window then!


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