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Ever wonder what it would be like to purchase a second-hand Giulia Quad?

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  • Ever wonder what it would be like to purchase a second-hand Giulia Quad?

    Well wonder no more

    After a painful ownership experience with a Focus RS whose engine had a penchant for acting regularly like a giant teapot, I figured I was well trained to try something that could be potentially equally as unreliable.

    I found a nice 2018 Giulia Quad with 9000 miles that is arriving to my driveway in the next few days.
    Seems to be a clean well minded example, so it's be interesting to see if it a) lives up to the hype, and b) stays together.

    Managed to purchase a 5 year 75k miles warranty as some protection with it, so let the games begin.
    (Hoping this one is a keeper)
    Already having a Stelvio that has behaved impeccably thus far and a competent local dealer were factors in moving ahead.

    Here are a few pics of what the stork is bringing and I'll try keep this thread updated as to how it all goes. Wish me luck

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    Very nice. Enjoy, and keep us updated!


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      Frickin class and thanks for hanging them out there for the rest of us to learn from.
      Some pretty nice metal landed on forum of late and this is right up there, looking forward to reports .


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        Yes. YES.

        Good on you.
        "All the finesse of a badger." (cdiv)


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          1998 Porsche 911 3.4 Carrera 2 (996)
          2000 Mazda MX-5 1.8 Jasper Conran #68/400
          2003 BMW 325i E46 Sport Touring


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            Very nice, any chance it will see a track?


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              Brilliant, enjoy!


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                I'd absolutely love one of these

                E39 M5, Mk2 GTI, Mk1 GTI, E30, Caddy vanyadda yadda

                Stupid questions are better than stupid mistakes.


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                  Very jealous - looking forward to the updates.


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                    Enjoy, expect lots of traffic light prix over there 😎
                    I’m standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused?? 🤨🤪


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                      Nice, I have definitely wondered how it is to run a older one of these....

                      Good luck with it. Can't wait to hear how you find it.


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                        I think these are a really interesting left-field choice. The styling is beautiful and RWD V6 turbos are thin on the ground these days.

                        Mega respect for going this route, good on you! I really admire your 'I'm interested in cars and want to experience this'attitude to buying rather than resale/neighbours' opinions/reliability being top priorities.

                        What do you call the spec level below this one (I think V6 without turbos)? I'm really interested in them too (although they obviously wouldn't provide the same drama as the Quad').


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                          Is it still on the OEM P Zero Corsa that will help you set record beating lap times but will kill you within in a week? If we don’t hear from you again I guess we know the answer.


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                            Cheers folks. To answer a few of the questions...

                            It should make a track, although these are still heavy cars and eat tyres and brakes, but it would be rude not to.
                            Would love to try a frozen lake with it, but that could be next year...
                            Will start with a few autocrosses and work my way up again - First ever RWD for me, so what could go wrong!

                            Didn't get one with the carbon brakes as they cost about 10K to replace and you will get about 2-3 track days out of them, if even!
                            Seemingly, carbon brakes are only good for looking at...

                            This is the only v6 - the std Giulias and Stelvios have a 4 cylinder turbo pushing 280bhp here. Still plenty of grunt.

                            The P Zeros are gone by the prior owner, replaced with fresh super sports. (The P zeros supposedly try to kill you in anything outside their operating range and cause wheel hop at full lock, so most people do this).

                            The extreme cold has delayed it's arrival but hopefully can give some initial thoughts next week.
                            Looking forward to this. Cars like this ain't going to be around much longer, so now seems like the time to go big,
                            Beep beep!
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                              Well done and congratulations on getting that.

                              Looking at the pictures, I'm guessing you are not in Ireland?

                              And your pictures just confirm, Alfa has one of the most stylish and
                              best looking wheels on any car.

                              Best of luck with it and looking forward to following your adventures with it.


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