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What are you using to clean your motocycle?

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  • What are you using to clean your motocycle?

    Just wondering what are you guys using to clean your bikes, what products are good and are you using power washers or just basic clean in the garage without water ? I've heard some good stuff about these wipes, https://www.motorcycleshop.ie/vulcan...pes-1267-p.asp anyone is using ? Some other products worth recommendation ?
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    For the standard bikes, with regular gloss finished tins & bodywork, I just use Muc-Off bike cleaner with a bucket of warm water.

    Wet the bikes down first with a regular garden hose (no pressure washer, ever) spray on the cleaner and agitate where necessary with a brush. Rinse with the hose. Add another bit of the cleaner to the bucket of warm water and wash bike as normal with a wash mitten. Rinse the bike with the hose again. Use compressed air to blast any water out of any nooks & crannies and then wipe the rest of the bike with micro fibre cloths & a chamois. Once dry, another wipe of a cloth with some ACF50.

    Only difference with the Raider is the use of a "Chemical Guys" shampoo & sealer kit specifically for matte paint finishes. And no ACF50 on the tins.

    And that's the yearly ritual, whether the bikes need it or not!


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      Unless the bike is really mucky, I use vulcanet. It's by far and away the best way to clean a bike. If caked in mud I wash off the mud and dry the bike then go to the vulcanet.


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