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    Originally posted by Smythy411 View Post

    I think if your towing set-up looks respectable, Gardai won't look twice at you. But these days, as long as you've a trailer licence they don't really care.... lot of hassle for them to get you to a weigh station. Easier for them to do you for a licence infringement
    Very much so. although you can add obeying the speed limit to that nowadays. around here at least. fermoy traffic have gotten quite particular about it.

    I've always kept my gear right, well lit, clean, strapped to the bejaysus and I towed for 20 years without ever getting a question from the gardai. Passed my test a few weeks back as I have been known to tow beyond the speed limit and I pass fermoy on the motorway pretty much every journey I take so figured I'd try to tick another box by being qualified.


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      its still funny at horsey things to see the odd cockroach levels of unkillable 1996 avensis 1.6 with a box and two horses in it heading down the road like a surfboard, front wheels hitting the ground every now and then....

      Originally posted by Deadly Dave View Post
      Don't forget that towing capability is not just about engine power. It's about the vehicles ability to steer and stop the load in emergency situations. Also, the tow bar strength and connection to the chassis or subframe is taken into account.
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        Originally posted by DaveM-Sport View Post
        Yea, E53s are only rated for 2200kg albeit as Conor says, are well capable. I replaced all the arms, bushes and things on mine too and it's also on 20s likw Conor's.

        Unfortunately mine is prefacelift so has the poorer gearbox and it itself only 3-6 months after I bought it lol
        Got lucky in that got one out of a crashed one cheap that turned out to be freshly reconditioned once the guy had it pulled out for me but still honoured the price he said to me over the phone

        As for the Discoverys having gremlins. As I said, get a good one can pick up decent ones still for 2-3k or upto 6 or 7 for really really good ones with lots of work done.

        We've two and I had another as a stopgap myself while doing a few bits to my Defender. Bought it for 250 quid and all it needed for its doe was a few light bulbs and done two years cheap motoring

        Fuel wise, they so upto 35mpg easy which is probably the best of the 3.5t towing 4x4s.

        Would agree with Conor saying it really depends on the look of your towing setup.
        I got pulled over with my X5 before when I had to use of to deliver 6 bales of hay yet nobody bats an eyelid if I'm carrying upto 10 bales behind my Defenders.

        Another one that's worth a look too maybe is a VW Touraeg. The 3L V6 is a brilliant engine. Not sure what they're tow rating is but they're well capable anyway and would be similar in comfort to the X5 I suppose.

        How do you know you're getting a good one is the first question?
        I had one for two years and put €150 in parts into it, was almost toyota like reliable. The guy that had it for the previous 2 years put 4 grand into it though

        The second question is how do you get 35mpg out of a discovery? driving everywhere at 50mph and freewheeling down hills? I got mine below 20 more than once.


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          Originally posted by JohnBoy View Post
          I've always kept my gear right
          Absolutely this. Coming down from Mondello the last day, there were 3 of us convoying home with trailers. Guards checking speed at the side of the motorway by Portlaoise decided to give chase.. They only pulled the one lad who had a rough trailer being towed by a muddy farmer spec landcruiser. None of us were under the 80km/h towing limit either, but that was never mentioned to the lad stopped... he was only quizzed about his trailer licence. I've never been stopped towing, and up to 4-5 years ago before I got the X5, I towed everything everywhere using a B6 1.9tdi A4 . But yes, things have changed a lot the last 5 years... I finally got my trailer licence back at the start of 2020 just to be safe.

          Things were easier done 10+ years ago.. Simpler times when men were men, and the Carina II was king!

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              Originally posted by JohnBoy View Post

              How do you know you're getting a good one is the first question?
              I had one for two years and put €150 in parts into it, was almost toyota like reliable. The guy that had it for the previous 2 years put 4 grand into it though

              The second question is how do you get 35mpg out of a discovery? driving everywhere at 50mph and freewheeling down hills? I got mine below 20 more than once.
              My dad often gets 32-35 on average on his but although he wouldn't be going at motorway speeds, it's still all short drives.

              It's remapped with bigger intercooler, VNT turbo, cat, center box and egr delete too though.
              Getting rid of the egr, cat and center box gives upto 3mpg improvement alone.

              I get about 23-30mpg on my Defender then but that's on 35s or even 37s now and upto 270bhp but switchable maps too which would help fuel economy when not being a child 🤣

              In terms of getting a good D2, a chassis that isn't rotten is the first thing these days and then making sure everything seems right after a good hard drive such as gearbox not sounding unhealthy and engine running smoothly and not overheating or anything.

              I find the ones used hard or modified ones are always the best ones. The standard ones that are just used as a workhorse but generally not put under much hardship are the ones that have the most issues especially with fueling problems as they don't like crap cheap diesel or lads running them down to the light all the time and only sticking in 20 quid (or 50 these days of course 🙄)

              Things have got alot stricter with the trailer license. I was stopped years ago when only had a provisional and Garda tried to do me for speeding (105kph on motorway) and no license. The super intendant later squashed it saying I had a full license since I was 17 and just pay the speeding fine. 10 years later, the same Garda tried to get his pound of flesh when I was only after getting one of my Defenders and wasn't taxed yet but had it for two or three months while I was doing a few bits to it before driving it. :D:D:D:Der siezed the 110 and it got brought upto Cork then.

              I jumped into my E46 compact I had as a hack at the time the next morning with my CT177 in tow as it had a hitch 😅
              Upto the impound. Towed the Defender out and then swapped them around outside and took the car home on the trailer

              You still see lots of lads at Fermoy marts getting into trouble with trailers not upto scratch or no proper license.

              I got stopped recently alright as I had forgot to put my wireless mag lights on a trailer I was borrowing as I had stuff on both of mine. It was the middle of the day but fair was fair, I still didn't have indicators or brake lights and the guard said he's always been very hard on no lights as he came on a crash years ago where a lad died on his way to college in Waterford from going into the back of a tractor and trailer with no lights

              But as had the lights with me in the jeep and stuck them on he was happy out and said the fact I had a full license when asked for it was a huge factor in him being easy on me as he's sick of lads not having the license in order and then being surprised they need one and asking is it a new thing now


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