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For Sale: modified 1959 Austin A35

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  • For Sale: modified 1959 Austin A35

    Hi Folks,
    Reluctantly offering this modified Austin A35 that I'm the custodian of, for sale, hoping someone on Backroads will be interested before I post on Donedeal.
    I only use it about twice a year and really, it should be out there being enjoyed a lot more, by a new owner.

    One too many toys for my current work circumstances, means I can’t hang on to both.

    The car was a professional build by a rally fabrication business, for the proverbial little old lady owner. See below

    The conversion was very well engineered and executed, as witnessed by the Metro Servo and Distributor placement in this pic.

    The car came with a folder of receipts (totalling £4,996) as well as some old MOTs’.
    The V5C reflects the 1400cc Vauxhall engine fitted.
    Full spec below
    • 1.4 Vauxhall Astra engine
    • Caterham Bellhousing
    • Type 9 Ford five speed box
    • Twin choke Webber carb fitted
    • Shortened prop
    • Uprated diff
    • Front brakes have been uprated with midget disc's
    • MG metro pedal box with servo
    • Dual Circuit Brakes
    • Mini heater fitted
    • Heated front windscreen
    • Clean Interior
    • Good seat covers
    • Headlining
    • New carpet
    • New seals fitted to front and rear screens
    • New tuck and roll door cards
    • Seat belts fitted
    • Stupid Stereo
    Bodywise its pretty solid with some surface rust patches.
    I'm ashamed to say that during my ownership, I managed to damage the rear passenger wing

    Pics below from when I bought it..
    It goes nicely
    And stops well

    There are some spares too
    Brand new uprated Academy Racng spec front Lever Arm Dampers ready to be fitted.
    Also a set of MG Midget front springs and spare halfshafts.

    Looking to get approx €4,500 for it.

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    Oh that is super Pat. I love home-brew hotrods, but have come to accept I simply don't have the skills to work on them.

    Good luck with the sale


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      That is really flippin' cool. GLWTS.


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        That’s brilliant!


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          That car is a former resident in our lock up but I'm not sure If i ever met the owner.
          I seem to remeber it was the only car that ever started reliably at that time.
          A lovely little car in great condition and a very reliable and usable classic.



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            Thanks for the comments folks, I'll be sad to see it go, but needs must.
            Was asked a question about Insurance, I have it insured fully comp with AXA, on a classic policy with all mods declared.
            Hope this helps.
            Best Regards


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              Final 2021 bump, before heading over to Donedeal.
              Best Regards


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                That would be a great way to travel across the Irish Sea to the Goodwood Revival race weekend.

                It would fit right in.