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FS: Honda 2000 parts. Mini build thread.

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  • FS: Honda 2000 parts. Mini build thread.

    Following a substantial restoration/rebuild of my own S2000 which I finished last summer I have the following S2000 parts that I am considering moving on.

    The interesting suspension components:

    A complete set of wishbones for an entire S2000. This is every single wishbone front and rear. These were removed from my own S2000 at circa 130km.

    Rear hubs from my own S2000. Also removed at circa 130km.

    Rear subframe from my own S2000. Also removed at circa 130km.

    Front and rear brake calipers and carriers from my own S2000. Removed at circa 125km.

    Why did I remove the above parts from my own S2000? Basically I bought a heap of parts including a rear subframe, wishbones, brake calipers etc. which I fully refurbished before installing on my car.

    The work done really should be in a build thread but I am terrible at stopping to take pictures as I am doing work so an executive summary is as follows:
    - spent a long time and a lot of money gathering the necessary parts from all over the world (literally) via eBay, Yahoo Auctions in Japan, Honda Ireland, Honda in Belgium and various UK suppliers

    - I stripped the brake calipers and had them powder coated before rebuilding them all with new seals, new pistons etc. Installed the powder coated calipers and carriers along with stainless steel brake lines and a new master cylinder.

    - I had the replacement hubs, wishbones and subframes anodised black. Anodising is a far better option than powder coating as it will not chip or crack and this protects these exposed components far better.

    - I then polybushed the anodised wishbones while they were off the car, put new bearings into the anodised hubs, polybushed the anodised subframe and anodised differential carrier as well as installing subframe collars etc.

    - I was then able to assemble everything beside the car before taking the tired components off and essentially putting a fully refreshed underside onto my S2000. This approach significantly reduced the amount of time my car was up on a lift and allowed me to work around the inevitable unforseen issues, missing parts etc. before stripping my S2000 apart

    - I used brand new genuine Honda nuts, bolts, washers etc. for the entire rebuild bar things like tie rod ends etc. where I used OEM+ items like hardrace etc.

    The above work is highly recommended for any S2000 owner who is looking at reviving their own car, doing a restoration or even looking to regain some of the handling nous that is missing from any S2000 that hasn't had similar work done on it on the last few years.

    I also have the following interior parts from various S2000s:

    Pair of S2000 seats in red leather. The passenger seat is almost as good as new, drivers seat has minor wear on the outer bolsters.

    A set of door cards in black and red leather. Both are in excellent condition.

    A complete set of interior carpets for the passenger and driver side of the car. The colour is red and they are in very good condition.

    A pair of floor mats. These are genuine S2000 AP1 mats, standard fit items with the grey centers and red piping around the edges. In decent nick with some marks/stains. I imagine they would clean up very well.

    Ideally I would like to sell all the suspension components together but I will listen to people who want sets/pairs of components. I am not splitting pairs or sets of anything i.e. I am not selling one hub, one wishbone, one seat etc. on their own.

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    Jesus, that sounds like a pretty big undertaking.
    Fair play for doing it, no doubt the car feels a lot better now.

    I've never heard about parts being anodised before, sounds like it could be a good option
    compared to the more usual powder coating.
    Where did you get this done?

    I had the subframes in my Mini restoration powder coated, so see how well it lasts.


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      I got the gates at our house anodised. They were last done 50 years ago and have never been painted or rusted.


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        I could potentially purchase some of that from you. I have a 99 JDM which has been through the UK and there is a bit of rear subframe rust etc. If yours are reasonable and re-storable, its probably better than whats on the car at the moment. Would be great to just get all parts done.

        Also have the black interior which I wouldn't mind sprucing up to red. I'll send you a PM ....


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          All PMs replied to.

          Friend of a friend did the anodising for me, I'll ask what the company name is and let ye know.
          Anodising parts that are exposed to the elements is a much better way to go than powder coating etc. Especially suspension parts where tolerances can be tight. Powder coating builds up material on the surface which can have an effect on lining bolts etc. up.

          Yes it was a significant amount of work but made much easier by having it all off the car and laid out in front of me. Night and day difference between the old and new.


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            Thanks for that, much appreciated.

            And good luck selling the parts, there should be a good market for them I'd have thought.


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              Out of curiosity, do you have any pics of the anodised parts?
              I’m standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused?? 🤨🤪


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                No pictures of them to hand. I'm a disaster for taking pictures when I'm working on cars.

                If you really want I can get a few pictures of the underneath of my S2000 with the parts installed.

                But essentially they are a matte to satin black finish.


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                  *the rest of the PMs should be replied to now as well


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                    Interesting thread, would be interested in seeing some of the finished results myself as well given i'd be doing something similar to mine someday....probably.


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